Storage of RNA

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Tue Jun 8 17:02:47 EST 1993

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Myklebost) wrote:

> > 
> >   Store your RNA in the appropriate concentrations in DEPC-treated water
> > at - 70 C.  Aliquot the RNA so that you thaw each tube once and discard. 
> > I wouldn't refreeze the RNA.
> > 
> There shouldn't be any problems freezing and thawing the RNA several
> times, but aliquoting is of course a good idae.

I have a dig-labeled probe I'm keeping and using at 4C.  I was going to
keep doing
that (I've used it twice).  This thread makes me suspect there may be a
storing my riboprobe this way.  Without RNase contamination, what can go
I'm keeping it at 4C until I hear otherwise.  I need 3.5ul each time, so
aliquotting isn't
real convenient.

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