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>What is the situation regarding autoradiograph cassettes.  I have only
>used the (very) expensive light sealed cassettes such as that from Fuji
>but I believe that there are alternatives were you might buy the
>intensifier screens and a carboard "sleeve" which is light sealed. 
>These can then be exposed at -80C.
>Is this procedure used regularly by some groups and if so any
>suggestions about suppliers and or sources of screens and "sleeves"
>would be helpful.  

All I know about this I learned from Ron Laskey's articles, e.g.
Meth Enzymol 65:363-371, 1980.

The cardboard cassettes are available from Sigma (among other suppliers)
but really need to be clamped between two boards to be suitable for -80 C
storage.  Compared to the cost of the intensifying screems <- Freudian
slip, but apt :-) screens, the cassettes don't seem so bad.

Hope this helps

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