Franklin Expedition

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     I tried this one before in "molecular evolution" with limited
     The Franklin Expedition involved many sailing vessels which tried
to find the "western passage" through the artic, and ended up in tragedy.
After a few ships were lost, the remaning ones were abandoned and the crew
tried to head southwesterly through the ice on foot. In many camping sites
along the way the bodies of dead crew were baried. That took place in the
last century. Late in the 80s a group of scientists found and explored one
of these sites and studied some of the frozen bodies with X-ray, and took
tissue and other samples for later analysis. It was found high levels of lead
in bone tissue which suggested lead poisoning as a possible cause of many
of the deaths. Lead would have been originated from canned food (seams of
the cans).
     Later in 1989, I believe, I read a short report in the Torontos Globe
and Mail about the fact that bacteria (possible fecal) from those bodies
displayed resistance to present day antibiotics.

     Would anybody know anything about a possible paper where these results
are reported? Was there any scientific paper to back up the newspaper
article in the first place? A friend who asked me to place these questions

here says he could not dig anything on antibiotics plus Franklin Expedition
in Biol. Abstr., Medline, etc. The addition of lead,mercury and heavy
metals in the query will be tried soon.

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