Promega Taq polymerase

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Wed Jun 9 13:52:46 EST 1993

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>I completly aggree to all those poor Promega Taq user's. This is the
>second time we run into problems with Promegas Taq. One really can't
>belive that a commercial company can be so ignorent about how their
>product works.

I must put a defence in for the enzyme producers like Promega. It isn't a 
question as to a company being ignorant as to how their product works, it's 
more a case of an extremely sensitive technique that has many variables.
As I have found (and other UK companies I talk to) one can give the same batch
of enzyme to the different users and they will get different results depending
on the dNTP's/Water/Primers/DNA etc. 

I'm not saying that no company ever sends out a duff lot of enzyme, we are all 
only human (I think). Think about it, how many tubes of Taq does Promega sell 
every day around the world, several thousand, tens of thousands? We try to do
our best.

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