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>What do people use for agarose plug formers when they are embedding cells in 
>agarose prior to lysis, restriction digests, etc for PFGE?  Do I have to 
>go out and buy an expensive mould?  I got tech. support to make a rather 
>nice mould, such that the plugs will fit in my gel wells, but the plugs are 
>1 mm thin and rather brittle.  Should I perservere, or is there a nice trick 
>with a syringe, or something?

I saw an protocol this morning in NAR no. 10 (this year) in the method papers
at the back. Basically they make any old plugs then cut them up finely so they
can pipette the the pieces. Their logic was that given the size of DNA, 5u, the
chances of cutting the chromosome into bits was negligible and from their gel
photos it looked OK.  

Worth a try?
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