Problems with Promega Taq

bhjelle at bhjelle at
Wed Jun 9 12:44:19 EST 1993

In article <Miao-030693075250 at> Miao at (Vivian Miao) writes:
>I've tried side by side tests with NEB's Vent (neither Deep nor
>Exo-) and it seems that for my setup, Taq makes a lot more
>product than Vent.  Before I elicit a host of questions from
>Andre  :-) .... the reactions are made up as a cocktail minus
>enzyme and its conc'd buffer stock which are added later, the
>same no. of units of enzyme are used, and reactions were run
>at the same time in the thermocycler;  I ran similar volumes of

Hmmm. We normally make sure there are some salts in the
reaction mix before we add the enzyme, on the assumption
that diluted enzyme may denature in a situation where
there is no salt or buffer. Maybe all you are seeing is
a differential sensitivity to denaturation of Vent compared
with Taq.


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