Ed Rybicki ED at
Thu Jun 10 02:21:55 EST 1993

>         Listen to you all freely talking about Promega, Tag, and PCR all in
> the same breath!  I'm sure Promega appreciates all of this PCR publicity
> considering the fix they are in with Cetus!!  I'm sure Cetus appreciates
> all of this talk.  Has anyone considered the possiblity that Cetus just
> MIGHT decide to take on researchers too.  How many of you have just given
> Cetus Exhibit #1 for any future litgation aginst Promega and/or YOU.  Maybe
> everyone is safe.  But this is worth millions and maybe billions of $$$$
> world wide.

Cetus ain't in it any more, are they?  Isn't it Roche?  And isn't it just
a LITTLE unlikely that they would take on researchers, given there are so
many, and the availability of clones of Taq?  And just how admissible is
email and stuff dredged off the Net, anyway?

If we worried about what the companies thought we would never discuss
anything of value in this forum!!

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