PFGE agarose plugs

Thu Jun 10 13:13:59 EST 1993

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> Hi..
> What do people use for agarose plug formers when they are embedding cells in 
> agarose prior to lysis, restriction digests, etc for PFGE?  

   What I did is  take some dental modelling compound and made a cast of the 
comb that I was using (laid flat side down) so it formed trougths the width and
length of the comb and about as deep as the comb is thick.  I pipetted the 
molten agarose into one end of the trough and when it solidified I used a filed 
down small spatula to manipulate the plugs. I think that this system worked
very well and it was cheap.

                        Todd Lane
                        Dept of Mol. Bio. 
                        Princeton Univ
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