Problems with Promega Taq

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Thu Jun 10 17:26:22 EST 1993

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>> side by side tests with NEB's Vent...  for my setup,
>>Taq makes a lot more product than Vent

>>the reactions are made up as a cocktail minus
>>enzyme and its conc'd buffer stock which are added later, the

> We normally make sure there are some salts in the
> reaction mix before we add the enzyme, on the assumption
> that diluted enzyme may denature in a situation where
> there is no salt or buffer. Maybe all you are seeing is
> a differential sensitivity to denaturation of Vent compared
> with Taq.
> Brian

sorry, bad editing on my part in the original post  
First cocktail = template, oligos, NTP's, water.
Then salts, 
Then enzyme
(Then oil)

(Then take bets on what will go wrong this time, etc. ...:-)


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