Hybaid Thermal Cycler

Fri Jun 11 11:28:12 EST 1993

Bill Nelchair of National Center for Toxicological REsearch has posed a
question on Hybaid Thermal Cyclers.  We have been using this Hybaid thermal
cyclers bought from Labnet Co (Woodbride, NJ) for nearly three years.  It
was the cheapest thermal cycler on market at that time ($2,900) and as Bill
said, it uses fan to cool.  We are very happy with the equipment, and use it 
every day.  It has a small temperature probe that is inserted into one of the
tubes, and so the temeprature calibration is pretty good.   We did not see
much difference between placing the equipment in the refrigerator or at
room temperature.  I would recommend it to any lab on a tight budget.

C. S. Prakash
Tuskegee University
Prakash at Acd.tusk.edu

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