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> This thread makes me suspect there may be a
> problem
> storing my riboprobe this way.  Without RNase contamination, what can go
> wrong?

Perhaps nothing. However those of us who has spent lots of time on RNA
purification and handling suspect that it is close to impossible to be
RNAse-free. You may have little RNAse in your samples, and it may be
completely (almost) blocked by RNAse-inhibitors at least for a while, but I
wouldn't bet on it. 

> I'm keeping it at 4C until I hear otherwise.  I need 3.5ul each time, so
> aliquotting isn't
> real convenient.

As long as it works. I don't think freezing and thawing does ANY harm to
your RNA (although I don't have experience with DIG-labels). I have been
working with a 15 kb mRNA and don't have problems. Rather I think the time
at >0 is important (RNA from tissues always ahve some residual RNAse). For
a probe, where having everything at full length is not critical, I would
definitely freeze it.

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