magnetic bead RNA preps

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Fri Jun 11 11:05:51 EST 1993

Just a plug for Dyna beads. The lab next to us uses them and reuses them time
and time again. They are more cost effective for than the others they have
tried (but I don't know how many others they have tried)

As to stability of RNA, it seems very good. They were isolating from virus
infected cells using the company's protocol and found that shearing of genomic
DNA by passage through a 25 gauge needle was required to get efficient
separation. That is the original cell lysate is too viscous to allow the beads
to migrate to the magnet. Anyway, they left these beads/cell lysate mix
overnight at room temperature before separation the next day. The resulting
Northern blot was the cleanest one they had ever had from infected cells.

Go figure!

Geoff Neale

St Jude Research Hospital,
Memphis, TN

In article <1993Jun9.092226.12417 at>, gessler at convex.HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE (Gessler Manfred Dr.) writes:
> Does anybody know how the different magnetic bead methods for mRNA preps
> from tissues or cells compare (Dynal, Promega, ??)
> Also, can RNA get degraded during the GITC dilution and oligo dT binding step?
> Thanks for any comments,
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