Ethidium Bromide

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>Maybe if you're a budding yeast :-) The major concern I have is that people
>will read this as "It's okay to dump it, it's harmless". John, you and I
>both know that some labs store large quantities of very concentrated EtBr
>and that some people in the lab will mix this with other chemicals that
>may be toxic or contribute to the human toxicity of it. Then years later
>decide it has sat around long enough and should be mixed with bleach or
>dumped without trying to inactivate it, all the while without knowing what
>other stuff is in there as well. Please don't dump it all down the sink just
>yet. I don't want to eat fishy fish.

Good point Paul, I agree. 

Well, I'm certainly not dumping it down the sink because "I" think its 
toxocity is overrated... I could bloody well be wrong.  As I said, I'm no 
expert and err on the side of caution.  One good thing (maybe "kit's have 
contributed to this... Drs Holmes, Quigley, Birmboim and Doly certainly 
have!!) is that many labs don't have tubs of CsSl-EtBr sitting in the UV 

Do folk throw used, washed gels in the bin, or do they keep them in a toxic 
waste bin??

  cheers, John

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