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BENNY SHOMER 9238 pc386 at ccsg.tau.ac.il
Sun Jun 13 06:14:53 EST 1993

I am using Amplify for the MAC, only following a thorough analysis with the
'Primer' software. The later is installed on the Weizmann Inst. Unix server
dapsas1, but is avail. as a source or as a compiled version for PC (don't
know if a MAC version is avail.). I don't have the exact data regarding the
location of sources, but these can be looked up at the bionet archives.
'Primer' is an excellent software that takes a target sequence, produces all
possible primers from it, and then checks each potential primer against
predefined criteria. The end result is a couple of the most optimal primers
match, and two files, containing forward or reverse potential primers. These 
can be checked manually by 'primer' on a second round. It also predicts the
Tm of the primers quite accurately.

Although I do all these analyses, as well as later on - running my potential
primers through a FASTA session, to avoid 'lighting up' of unwanted targets,
I do get into situations that primers don't perform under any circumstances,
and I have to make new ones.

Hope this helps. Benny.

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