low melt agarose and PFGE plugs

John Nash nash at biologysx.lan.nrc.ca
Mon Jun 14 10:04:09 EST 1993

Please bear with me while I pose another question.

What is the advantage of low melt agarose over regular agarose for embedded 
cell plugs?

Temperature?  Regular agarose is held at 55-60 deg, LM agarose at 37 deg
but I digest my plugs in preTAQ or ProK at 65 deg.

Remelt?  LM is better but for my experiments, it's not necessary (yet).

Gel strength?  Regular agarose wins here.

Is there better diffusion of restriction enzymes to DNA in low melt vs 
regular agarose?

I'm comparing the difference now, but does the net have any collected wisdom?

Breathlessly awaiting replies ;-)

  cheers, John

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