NEN pen (was: autorad cassettes)

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>I have used Rad-Tape.  It is a phosphorescent film that you write on and
>then apply to your film.  The places that you write on block the
>phosphorescence and appear bright on the autorad.  Works pretty well in my
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>> > > Bel-Art Products also make a pen that is non
>> > > radioactive and can be used to mark autorads/films.  
>> > 
>> > Is that a phosphorescent pen like the outrageously expensive one from NEN?
>> > Do you know the price and have a fax no?
>> > 
>> I purchased the NEN pen several years ago, and have never used it. The ink
>> dried up immediatedly, and although I found out that chloroform can be used
>> to thin it, I never got it to work satisfactorily. Have others had the
>> problem? And found a solution?
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i have been off line for a few days--but the Bel-Art pen is not liquid--it
wax based and does not seem to dry out.  i think it is about 45 bucks for a
pen that lasts a bit; i have one from 1989 that i am still using.

their fax number is 201-694-7199, telex 219359
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