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>> > Bel-Art Products also make a pen that is non
>> > radioactive and can be used to mark autorads/films.  
>> Is that a phosphorescent pen like the outrageously expensive one from NEN?
>> Do you know the price and have a fax no?
> I purchased the NEN pen several years ago, and have never used it. The ink
> dried up immediatedly, and although I found out that chloroform can be used
> to thin it, I never got it to work satisfactorily. Have others had the
> problem? And found a solution?
> Berthe Willumsen
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> Univ. Copenhagen
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A few years back there was a note in BioTechniques about the use of a cheap
alternative to these $$$$ products.  The product suggested was a childs paint
set, consisting of tubes of different colored fluorescent paint, that cost only
a few $ (for four).  The product is called "Neon Nightlites" and it is made by
Tulip Productions, Waltham MA 02254.  I bought a set at my local
stationery/bookstore, and I've been using them for the last 2 years.  The paint
is quite viscous, and takes a while to dry, so I usually label up some sticky
labels and put these on the wrapped membrane.  Works fine...



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