EtBr safety procedures

Emily Lawson
Mon Jun 14 18:40:31 EST 1993

In addition to the rest of this thread:

I have been shocked by the lack of safety procedures since I arrived in a
US lab from one in the UK.  There is no question of decontaminating EtBr -
wet gels go straight in the bin.  Staining solutions go down the drain. 
Solid phenol waste goes in the bin, liquid down the drain.  Radioactivity
is, at least, confined to a small area of the room.  I would like to know
what the people of Philadelphia would feel if they knew how what was going
on!  And in response to the idea that people refuse to wear film badges -
the University _will not_ issue film badges unless your dose exceeds some
huge amount a year.  I want one and I'm not allowed to have one!  Surely
the enforcement of health and safety regulations therefore needs to come
from government rules - that is what happened in the UK.

Emily Lawson

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