EtBr safety procedures

Patricia Foster pfoster at
Tue Jun 15 16:46:40 EST 1993

   I am truly amazed at what people are reporting about lab practices.
Here at BU we are under very strict regulations.  Our radiation
protection office has been very tight since I have been here 
(8 years), and the chemical safety office has gotten stricter
since OSHA regulations went into effect last year.  The chemical
regulations have been particularly burdensome as the university
has required every laboratory to keep up-to-date inventories, all
the MSDS's, and usage and disposal protocols for *every* chemical,
even NaCl.  This represents a lot of wasted effort, coming out of
research time and money.  So why aren't the rest of you out there
subject to the same regulations?
  BTY, I am a mutagenesis person and I would like to see the
actual data on the mutagenicity of bleached EtBr.  Can someone
give me the reference where the numbers are actually given.
Bleach is, after all, a powerful oxidizing agent.  Also, remember
that dilution is an effective and approved method for disposing
of low-level hazardous materials. 

Patricia L. Foster
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA USA
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