sickness due to genetech ?

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Tue Jun 15 11:24:26 EST 1993

This is a reposting of a previous message, which raised some very important
point concerning genetechnology. I would be very pleased if somebody got send
me a reaction !

Robin walters wrote (as part of the discussion on EtBr waste) on 

+ Rather like the cloning of an active oncogene into SV40 in an uncontrolled
+ environment. This happened at the Pasteur Institute, I believe, and several
+ workers and several members of the public "caught" cancer. I don't know if
+ any of them died.  With proper regulation, this would never have been
+ sanctioned.

could anybody out there elaborate on this ? i always thought the story 
that people at the pasteur institute got cancer due to a genetech experiment
was just an ugly rumour, with little basis in truth. 

if this is not the case, i think robin walters message is of great importance
and rather disturbing ! i never heard about a case in which humans actually
died or got sick as a DIRECT result of genetech, but perhaps some of you
may have more/other/substantiated info on this.

please answer, i will post relevant answers to the net.


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