Labelling by PCR

David J. Meyer ez005587 at
Tue Jun 15 19:13:52 EST 1993

Jaishree Muppala Chittoor (jaishre at wrote:
: Hi,

: I want to label a 250bp fragment in pBluescript.  I have primers flanking
: this region.  I would appreciate if someone could mail to me a detailed 
: protocol on PCR labelling.

: Thanks in advance.
: Jaishree
: [jaishre at]

If anyone disagrees, please reply; but I think that you probably would not
be as happy with the results as you would be if you made a labelled
riboprobe instead. Sambrook, et al. gives a good discussion of the
considerations and describes a good protocol for the preparation of

(Of course, this presumes that you want the fragment for use in
hybridization studies :-)
David J. Meyer
djmeyer at

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