Phosphorescent Ink

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Tue Jun 15 12:34:10 EST 1993


    There has been a conversation about phosphorescent ink and pens for marking
samples to be "autoradiographed".  We routinely use adhesive phosphorescent
rulers as "landmarks" for alignment of autoradiographic films with the
radioactive samples (dried protein gels, TLC plates, etc). 

    In order to make the ruler sets "go farther", we cut the 20 cm rulers into
many small characteristic shapes (approx. 0.5-1 cm each) which are then
attached to the radiactive samples (see below). 

    To enable the phosphorescent marker shapes to be re-used indefinitely, for
dried gels they are attached to the corners of a unneeded sheet(s) of
autoradiography film to which dried gels are affixed for autoradiography. 
After removal of the gel these autoradiography "frames" (for lack of a better
word) are re-used indefinitely.

    For 20 cm x 20 cm TLC plates, we affix  a transparency (overhead write-on
type) to the plate with tape and affix the phosphorescent ruler shapes to the
corners.  Again these are re-useable.

    The phosphorescent rulers are obtained from Sigma, cat. no. R-1833 pg 1963
(1993 catalog).  They happen to be manufactured by manufactured by Diversified
Biotech (617-965-8557).  

    We do lots of autoradiography and I would have to say that phosphorescent
rulers are a mainstay of our autoradiography operation. Now you be the judge.

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