Inhibition of uncharacterized protease(s) in growth medium

Tue Jun 15 04:17:33 EST 1993


	I am working on a gene which product is inhibitory to some 
Enterobacteriaceae (gram negative close to E. coli).  This inhibitory compound 
is sensitive to proteases.  The problem is that the strains I am using to 
detect the inhibitory activity do produce some proteases.  I am thus wondering 
if I could increase the sensitivity of my assay by getting rid of the 
extracellular proteases.  This means I would need a protease inhibitor that 
can be added to the growth medium without harming/killing the bacteria.

	Any pointer appreciated

	Thanks a lot,


   Joel L. Vanneste
   The Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand Ltd 
   Ruakura Research Centre,		
   Private Bag 3123, Hamilton,		e mail: VANNESTEJ%RUASV1 at  
   New Zealand						fax 64 7 838 5073

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