magnetic bead RNA preps

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Mon Jun 14 17:06:40 EST 1993

In article <1993Jun11.100551.8480 at> neale at writes:

>Just a plug for Dyna beads. The lab next to us uses them and reuses them time
>and time again. They are more cost effective for than the others they have
>tried (but I don't know how many others they have tried)

The Promega brand of blobules are much less expensive than the Dynal spheres.
But, I've found that since the blobule types are very irregular in shape, my
oligos are sheared off - presumably when they scrape against each other during
pippetting. This may be due to abrasion that tears the bead surface apart.
I've reserved the Dynal beads for the most important experiments.

>As to stability of RNA, it seems very good....

I'm not using them for RNA isolation, so I can't give more info on this.
I guess the attachment of the oligos is by a streptavidin/biotin linkage
so the above comment would apply...not degradation, but loss of material
from the beads is a problem.

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