NEN pen (was: autorad cassettes)

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Tue Jun 15 16:17:54 EST 1993

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>> Is that a phosphorescent pen like the outrageously expensive one from NEN?
>> Do you know the price and have a fax no?

	Crayola makes glow-in-the-dark fabric paint, and so do many other
companies.  Available at most arts and crafts stores, at least the
downscale ones. (Charrette didn't have it, presumably because it's not
frou-frou enough for them.)  Has a narrow tip for relatively fine
application, and dries to a plasticky substance which "charges up" when
exposed to light, so that you can put a few dots on a piece of tape and
use it again and again and again--one bottle costs a couple bucks, at
most, and lasts effectively forever.
	Just say "No!" to ridiculously overpriced scientific supplies.

					steve gisselbrecht
					cell & dev. bio.
					harvard medical school

p.s.  Mount slides with glycerol and nail polish!

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