Ethidium Bromide

Jim Owens jow at
Tue Jun 15 15:40:59 EST 1993

In article <C8MK2x.B70 at> Stuart Brown,
browns at writes:
>I once had a protocol for the "safe destruction" of EtBr.  It invlved
>acidification and then neutralization with baking soda.  Anyone out there
>know this one (I'd like to get the ref. as we also have lots of jugs of
>EtBr waiting for me to get around to getting rid of it.) 

I can't help you with a "safe destruction" protocol.  The best method
I've heard of IMHO was to pass all ethidium solutions through an
activated charcoal column.  When the column has reached capacity make a
new one and have the old one incinerated.  Although I recommend this, I
don't do it.  (A very, cherry blush.)

Jim Owens

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