Thermal-stable polymerases

Jim Gale jim at AUDREY.LMF.ORG
Wed Jun 16 09:52:47 EST 1993

To PCR folks:

I've been following the discusions on the "good, the bad and the ugly"
of various thermal stable polymerases used in PCR and other applications.
It seems that a compilation of all the characteristics, tricks and lessons
learned about these polymerases would be of wide intrest to many folks.
I personally have used Taq, pfu and Hot tube polymerases, but wish I could find
more information the details of what they can and cannot do, and special
conditions used for certain applications.
 If no one else out there wishes to start gathering this information....for a FAQ on
polymerases.....then...OK...I will do it if you send your information  to
Lovelace Institutes
Jim at

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