BIONET DNA Sequencing Survey

Wed Jun 16 17:22:36 EST 1993

         DNA Sequencing Survey: Taq vs. Sequenase

I while ago I put out a survey asking those researchers that
have used BOTH Taq (or Vent) cycle sequencing and
Sequenase sequencing to state their preferences.  Here are the

1. For those who definately prefer one over the other (9 of 14
voters), six votes for Sequenase and three for Taq/Vent cycle
sequencing.  However, those that came to prefer Sequenase
were EXTREMELY emphatic.

2. For those who stated their preferences among the various
cycle sequencing kits (5 of 14 voters), four voted for the
Promega kit and 1 for the NEB kit.  Several other people
mentioned their preference for Taq over Vent (purposes or
methods not clearly stated).

3. For those who used different techniques for different
purposes (5 of 14 voters), most used Sequenase for the majority
of their projects but used Taq cycle sequencing in the case of
lambda, cosmids, difficult-to-sequence templates, and templates
in low concentration.  PCR products were sequenced by either
method.  One voter stated M13 really only worked with Taq
cycle sequencing while another made the claim it really only
worked with Sequenase sequencing.

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