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>Jim at wrote:
>> I've been following the discusions on the "good, the bad and the ugly"
>> of various thermal stable polymerases used in PCR and other applications.
>> It seems that a compilation of all the characteristics, tricks and lessons
>> learned about these polymerases would be of wide intrest to many folks.
>>I personally have used Taq, pfu and Hot tube polymerases, but wish I could find
>> more information the details of what they can and cannot do, and special
>> conditions used for certain applications.

>New England Biolabs has provided a summary of properties of different
>DNA polymerases in page 61 of their 1993-94 catalog.  Ofcourse, the
>Pfu is missing from this list.  Still the information is quite handy and
>useful for Vent, klenow, T4, T7, MMlvRT, and Taq enzymes.

I thought that Pfu was Deep Vent (or am I wrong)?

  cheers, John

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