duplicating film for Ag-stained seq gels

Thu Jun 17 16:45:01 EST 1993

I am planning to try Promega's silver sequence kit and I'm
wondering about the EDF film that they reccomend for
documenting the stained gels.
In Canada, Promega is selling this Kodak product as 14"x17"
EDF film at about Can$280 per 25 sheets or about  Can$11 per
sheet (US$8). I have received conflicting answers from 
Kodak about whether they sell the film directly. 
They seem to have 8x10" EDF film. (EDF stands for 
electrophoresis duplicating film) and something
called X-omat C duplicating film in 14x17" which
they sell for Can$280 per 100 sheets; 4x cheaper
than the Promega EDF film.
I have seen the Promega EDF film. It has a clear
base and give a positive image - dark bands from
dark bands. X-omat C duplicating film was described to
me as "not having a color base" and giving a positive
image. I strongly suspect that these are the same or 
very similar films and that the cheaper X-omat C
could be usd for silver-stained gels.
Can anyone confirm my suspicions and help me
and others save money on film?
Pat Covello
Central Plant Health Lab
Nepean, Ontario

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