formaldehyde gels

John Jones john at
Thu Jun 17 13:58:39 EST 1993

I've got some labelled cDNA that I need to run single stranded on a gel,
but I've always found alkaline agarose gels to be a pain in the neck to
 run. Is there any good reason why I shouldn't just run the stuff out on a 
 formaldehyde gel? Will the formaldehyde denature the DNA or at least keep it
  denatured if I heat it up before loading it? After all, it works for RNA. 
  I guess my other main concern is that I'm not sure what formaldehyde 
  does to DNA (chemically). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

		 John Jones
		 P.S. I may just give it a go & see what happens, if anyone wants 
		 to know how it goes, send me a message.

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