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>I have used Rad-Tape.  It is a phosphorescent film that you write on and
>then apply to your film.  The places that you write on block the
>phosphorescence and appear bright on the autorad.  Works pretty well in my

I have found that fluorescent stars work beautifully for
orienting exposures. They can be obtained from any good
toy store. Mine are called GLOW IN THE DARK STARS by a
company called "Astral Magic". Just expose very briefly
to light, then expose film. They have a sticky backing
that adheres to the plastic wrap or seal-a-meal covering
your autorad. They expose the film in the first 20 minutes
of the exposures, and are thus equally good for short
and long exposures. They don't work with a phosphoimager
though! $3.95 buys about 170 stars and dots (and one
shooting star :-)) and they can be reused many many
times until the sticky backing is defunct.

disclaimer: Astral Magic and I have no connection.

Sonia Pearson-White
University of Virginia Medical Center

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