Speed-Vac rendundancy

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>Subject: Speed-Vac rendundancy
>Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1993 21:51:22 GMT

>I am always finding that y'all go to the trouble to dry your nucleic acid
>precipitates "down" with a "Speed-Vac". Next time rinse your pellet with
>70% ethanol and set it upside down in a 50-60 C oven for five minutes. 
>You don't need a cannon to swat a fly. We don't even have a "Speed-Vac"
>and have been doing nucleic acid work without one for twenty years. Besides
>overdrying samples by this method leads to reduced recovery, and in fact 
>denatures short DNA fragments.

Speed-vac?  They still around?  Actually, I use abs. EtOH as the final wash, 
aspirate off the dregs, and stick it on the bench for 5 min.  If you can't 
smell the ethanol, you can use it.

But seriously, Jim (and the real point of my note)... how do you dry down 
oligos after PAGE purification, or don't you bother, or is EtOH 
precipitation good enough for you.

  cheers, John

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