dissolving of SDS-PAGE bands

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thomas at biomed.biolan.uni-koeln.de writes:
>has anyone a reliable protocol for dissolving of SDS-PAGE protein bands for 
>subsequent scintillation counting. I have tried 30% Hydrogenperoxyde and 
>"Soluene-350" but these reagents did not dissolve the bands.
>Thank you in advance

Unfortunately, I'm at home and do not have the reference, but having done
gel slices too many times :-( I remember the formula by heart:

99 ml 30% H2O2
1 ml conc. NH4OH
Heating to 37 deg C (or even 60 C) is sometimes required.  We drop the slice
directly in the scintillation vial, place them loosely capped in a large
37 deg C incubator overnight, and add scintillant, cap, mix, chill and count.

Good luck.

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