EtBr Safety

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Thu Jun 17 11:30:33 EST 1993

I really like the way that we dispose of EtBr liquid waste around here.
We have a bottle of activated charcoal and a 2 liter beaker which we
keep in the fume hood. We dump all EtBr containing buffers into the
beaker, add charcoal, stir a bit, then a day or so later somebody
(usually me) filters it using whatman number one paper or something
like that in a glass funnel (again, in the hood). Then you put the
filter with the charcoal into the EtBr solid waste (which is taken
elsewhere and, I beleive, incinerated), and dump the decontaminated buffer
or CsCl solution down the sink. This is a great, cheap, low-maintanance
method, that no one has an excuse not to use. It's just as easy to dump
things into the beaker in the hood as to dump it down the sink. 
I suppose the person who is worried about contaminated dust might
object to this method, but it is done in the hood. I have also brought up
another safety concern, which is whether it is OK to dump CsCl down
the drain. Maybe it is merely financially unwise?
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