Thermal-stable polymerases: info

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>Subject: Re: Thermal-stable polymerases: info
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>>I thought that Pfu was Deep Vent (or am I wrong)?

>        This time you're wrong, John :-).  According to the Stratagene
>catalogue, Vent polymerase is derived from Thermococcus litoralis while
>Pfu is from Pyrococcus furiosus.  Both do seem to have similar polymerase,
>proofreading and thermostability characteristics, though.

>Mike Coady

Hi Mike,

Not you too.... I'm getting flack, and I'm misrepresented! 

I said "Deep Vent" polymerase, which IS from a Pyrococcus species (look it 
up), not "Vent polymerase" which I know is from Thermococcus.  I knew when I 
wrote this that I should have emphasized the DEEP... and NEB (if you're 
listening...)  change the bloody name of the latter, it's CONFUSING!!!

  cheers, John

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