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  >As for programs to find tRNA genes, there are several
  >available, for Mac's, PC's, VAX's and SUNS.  Tell me what computer
  >they want to use and maybe I can point you to a source for them.

Could you be coerced into posting a summary, with references where

I was under the impression that searching for secondary structures is
still a fairly open problem. The software I'm aware of for searching
for tRNAs and other RNA molecules is all based on regular
expression-like search engines. This means you have to build a search
pattern by hand (laborious as hell, particularly when you start
wanting to search for something bigger like a group I intron), and you
must specify the conserved positions inflexibly (i.e., you can't
specify probabilities for each position and get an overall score for a
match; you specify base pairs and identities at the conserved
positions, allow your pattern to tolerate some number of mismatches,
and get a yes or no answer whether your pattern matches a sequence).

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