Thermal-stable polymerases

Dr. Duncan Clark Duncan at
Thu Jun 17 14:58:19 EST 1993

Jon Nash said

>I said "Deep Vent" polymerase, which IS from a Pyrococcus species (look it 
>up), not "Vent polymerase" which I know is from Thermococcus.  I knew when I 
>wrote this that I should have emphasized the DEEP... and NEB (if you're 
>listening...)  change the bloody name of the latter, it's CONFUSING!!!
I have the sequences of both Pfu and Deep Vent (courtesy of Fran Perler at NEB)
and they are pretty much identical other than Deep Vent has an IV in the 
middle. The main differences between the Pfu and Pfu-like enzymes is the 
strength of the 3-5' proof reading exonuclease activity (again thanks to Fran).
If you would like more definitive info I can give let you have her Email 
address (I will have to look it up).

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