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>On EtBr,

>I once heard an interesting suggestion that instead of soaking
>the gel in EtBr to add small amount of EtBr soln to the samples
>before running the gel.  It still allows visualation but does
>not require the large amts of EtBr reqd for soaking gels.

>I have never used it myself but it sounded neat, maybe someone
>else knows more details

I only soak gels when I forget to add EtBr to my gel (or for PFGE, which 
says not to).  Add 15 ul of 4 mg/ml EtBr stock per 100 ml gel (worked out 
empirically).  Destain in tap water for 10 min. 

When I soak gels, unless they are extensively washed, they leak EtBr... look 
at your gloves under UV.  EtBr pre-mixed in the gels never seems to leak 
out, and it just a gel to dispose of, not litres of EtBr.

  cheers, John

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