EtBr Destruction Protocol

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Fri Jun 18 08:10:20 EST 1993

Duncan Clark writes:
>To try and cut down on gel sue I reuse my agarose gels at least 5 to 10x.
> iejust remelt and poor. Yes the background goes up slightly and by the 
>tenth go it is quite cloudy but for general use (ie not retrieving 
>fragments or after maximum sensitivity) it is fine, It also saves a 
>fortune if yuo run as many gels as I do!

We also reuse our gels (NuSeive/agarose) 10 times.  We ALWAYS measure
our gel material by weight so we can readjust for loses during
the heating.  We also filter the melted agaorse through Miracloth
(Calbiochem) to reduce the cloudiness.  Because the used gels contain
EtBr, we keep our microwave in a hood.

Douglas Prasher, USDA, APHIS
dprasher at

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