purification of T-even phages

Denni Schnapp ds4 at st-and.ac.uk
Sat Jun 19 11:31:24 EST 1993

Hi netters!

I am trying to purify the coliphages T-2 and T-4 to use as model-organisms
in a study on antiviral defense in crustaceans. As I use plaque assay, it
is important to keep the phages viable. I tried the protocol quotes in Ma-
niatis et al and got very miserable results. Could anyone tell me whether
these phages are disrupted by centrifugation on CsCl gradients or where
else I could have gone wrong? Any tips?!
Thank's a lot!

Denni Schnapp
Gatty Marine Laboratory
University of st. Andrews
Fife KY16 8LB

ds4 at st-and.ac.uk

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