EtBr ussage

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Sat Jun 19 22:04:15 EST 1993

For Northern blots we add 1ul of a 1 mg/ml soln of EtBr to each sample just
prior to loading the gel. This greatly aids visualization of the RNA in the gel
without having to destain etc.

I have not tried this with DNA samples, but I can't see why it would not work.


Geoff Neale
St Jude Research Hospital
Elvis Land TN

In article <1993Jun18.152949.1 at>, brennanp at writes:
> On EtBr,
> I once heard an interesting suggestion that instead of soaking
> the gel in EtBr to add small amount of EtBr soln to the samples
> before running the gel.  It still allows visualation but does
> not require the large amts of EtBr reqd for soaking gels.
> I have never used it myself but it sounded neat, maybe someone
> else knows more details
> Yours
> Paul Brennan, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

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