EtBr ussage

Brenda Leeuwenberg brendal at
Sun Jun 20 22:03:37 EST 1993

In article <1993Jun18.152949.1 at>, brennanp at writes:
|> On EtBr,
|> I once heard an interesting suggestion that instead of soaking
|> the gel in EtBr to add small amount of EtBr soln to the samples
|> before running the gel.  It still allows visualation but does
|> not require the large amts of EtBr reqd for soaking gels.
|> I have never used it myself but it sounded neat, maybe someone
|> else knows more details

When running RNA on a gel we routinely add small amount of EthBr.  It 
apparently helps the RNA run.
Adding EthBr to DNA can affect the running of the DNA on the
gel and alter the sizes etc.
Otherwise, this method works well.


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