plant genomic DNA iso and/or CTAB safety

SCHMID at Butler.EDU SCHMID at Butler.EDU
Sun Jun 20 19:37:33 EST 1993

Recently someone asked about isolation of RNA from plant tissues with
high phenolics and polysaccharides.  I'm having similar problems getting
cleavable genomic DNA.

Has anyone used any of the commercial columns (Qiagen, Promega "Magic 
Minipreps", etc.) for plant genomic DNA, especially in high phenolic

I also recently purchased some CTAB but am a bit reluctant to open it
given the list of precautions that came with it.  "Only use in fume hood" - 
won't this cause the evil powder to fly around?  "Discard shoes if contam-
inated." "Use 8 inch minimum face shield."   How do people treat this stuff?

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