EtBr usage

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Mon Jun 21 04:41:55 EST 1993

> In article <1993Jun18.152949.1 at>, brennanp at writes:
> |> On EtBr,
> When running RNA on a gel we routinely add small amount of EthBr.  It
> apparently helps the RNA run.

And putting it in the wells with the RNA apparently helps stain even
better - and uses less.

> Adding EthBr to DNA can affect the running of the DNA on the
> gel and alter the sizes etc.

All true.  But irrelevant for most normal use.  I use(d) 50 ng/ml EtBr in
gels and often in running buffer too (just leave in tank for many gels).
This more than enough for sensitive detection of NAs on a UV box: you can
take photos of up to 10 sec without any destaining on a 5mm thick gel.
And so much safer in terms of AMOUNT of EtBr!  Most people use about 500x
this amount, and it is UNNECESSARY!!!

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