sickness due to genetech ?

Jim Owens jow at
Mon Jun 21 08:17:23 EST 1993

In article <bmw-190693131858 at> Berthe M. Willumsen,
bmw at writes:
>Don't forget that SV40 was a contaminant virus in the polio vaccine we
>received in the 50'ties; its oncogenicity in humans must be one of the
>studied in the world. If it was anywhere near that of the experimental
>lab-retroviruses like ras and src in their hosts, we would know.

I am working on memories from 20 years ago, but according to an
immunologist I was working for at that time, SV40 infected cells turned
out to be extremely antigenic in human beings.  The immune system quickly
eliminates SV40 transformed cells.  So we were saved from a plague of
kidney tumors by a bit of good fortune.

He said that polio viruses were now grown in human cells, so we will
learn if there were any latent human tumor viruses in about now give or
take 10 years.

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