dissolving of SDS-PAGE bands

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>>has anyone a reliable protocol for dissolving of SDS-PAGE protein bands for 
>Unfortunately, I'm at home and do not have the reference, but having done
>gel slices too many times :-( I remember the formula by heart:
>99 ml 30% H2O2          -
>1 ml conc. NH4OH
>Heating to 37 deg C (or even 60 C) is sometimes required.  We drop the slice
>directly in the scintillation vial, place them loosely capped in a large
>37 deg C incubator overnight, and add scintillant, cap, mix, chill and count.

FIND REFERENCE : Mahin and Lofberg; Anal. Biochemistry; 16, page 500 (1966)
   This reference is similiar to the above. It also includes perchloric acid.
   Both methods, given the strong oxidizing agents, can loose sample
   (exploding vials/caps). Both methods will produce chemiluminescence
   A common technique for the past 10 years has been elution using commercially
   available solubilization reagents. With the elution technique, approx. 82%
   or better recovery can be obtained, which is only slightly less than the 
   Mahin Lofberg technique. 

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