EtBr ussage

Sherry Olmstead solmstead at PFC.Forestry.CA
Mon Jun 21 18:28:53 EST 1993

	I have used 1 ul of 10 ug/ul EtBr in 30 ml agarose for visualization
and it works great.  In fact, I find that sometimes it works better.  No,
you don't get more background because the EtBr runs backwards off the gel
and only the intercolated EtBr stays for visualization.  We keep our gels
in a disposable plastic container and dry at low temp in an oven.  They
then go through our hazardous waste system.  I assume they are incinerated.
The running buffer could be treated of you are especially paranoid, but 
the concentration of EtBr would be very low (max. 10ug/1.5L).


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