EtBr Destruction Protocol

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Mon Jun 21 05:02:59 EST 1993

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> Hi Netters,
> Everyone is naturally very concerned about EtBr in CsCl and agarose gels.
> Is there any alternative stain availabel particularly for agarose ie DAPI or
> the other Hoescht stain (can't remember it's no.). 
> To try and cut down on gel sue I reuse my agarose gels at least 5 to 10x. ie
> just remelt and poor. Yes the background goes up slightly and by the tenth go
> it is quite cloudy but for general use (ie not retrieving fragments or after
> maximum sensitivity) it is fine, It also saves a fortune if yuo run as many
> gels as I do! 
> Duncan
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I suggested the use of this method in our lab, but many people felt that by
re-melting the gel, EtBr aerosols would be created. Is this a concern?

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