Salt Gradient Sequencing gels

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Tue Jun 22 18:30:21 EST 1993

>Does anyone have experience with salt gradient gels? I am trying one for
>the first time today and would welcome any advise. Specifically I'm wondering
>when to add the NaOAC if I am doing 2 loadings.
>The procedure I am using says to use 1XTBE in the bottom chamber, 0.5X TBE
>in the upper chamber and add 3M NaOAC to the lower chamber about 1 hour
>after loading.
>While I'm posting...
>I've had terrible problems with my sequencing gels leaking from the bottom
>while pouring. I seal the bottom with brown 3M mailing tape. Anyone have
>any hints for easy gel pouring?
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Hi Ethan
I have been running gradient sequencing gels for many years.  I add a 1/3rd
volume of 1M NaOAC to the bottom buffer tank at the time of loading.  With
this method it does not help much to have two loadings but if you do then
add the NaOAC at the time of the second loading.

Cheers, Klaus
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